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Are you a brewer or a restaurateur? Winemaker or investor? Perhaps you plan to establish an own brewery, to benefit from the steadily increasing beer demand in foreign markets? Or a chain of pub breweries? Then the GranMalt concept “brewing without brewhouse” is exactly right for you!


Professional brewing without
brewhouse – how does that work?

GranMalt has developed a patented technology to gently granulate the wort. The perishable, liquid wort from the brewery is processed into dry, durable granules. After the transport into the country of destination is it again dissolved in water and fermented to alcoholic beer in fermentation tanks under addition of yeast. A highly economical and efficient method: Instead of the usual 17 kg of malt grain needed per hectoliter of beer you need only 12 kg of GranMalt granules to obtain a 12% wort.
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Malzgranulat von GranMalt entsteht

Award-winning process.
The way GranMalt granules are made

First, the raw material, the perishable wort, is produced in the traditional brewhouse. For the granulation process, the wort is concentrated and then gently dried in a process of encapsulation.
The specialty of the procedure: The flavoring substances are encapsulated in a onion-like structure. So they are preserved for a long time. Also wort ingredients important for foam formation and foam stability virtually do not change during granulation.
About granulation process ….

Develop or optimize your beer
with GranMalt

A new beer production environment requires merely a simple granule dissolver, yeast dosing, as well as fermentation tanks.  A brew with GranMalt  takes just a few minutes for resolving instead of the usual hours. Our team of specialists advises you on the best combination of technology and technique in order to develop a really good beer on GranMalt base. And we support you from the first pilot production of your own beer ( at 200 l scale, see photo above ) to industrial production.
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Gerhard KamilOur granules concept is a highly interesting alternative for planned small and medium-sized breweries to produce good beers fast and highly efficiently. And that at a significantly lower investment cost for the technical environment compared to traditional brewing methods. Our approach is interesting also for existing small brewers: you can dissolve the granules in your wort kettle and will be able to increase your production volume or simply vary the strength or bitterness of your beers. Gerhard Kamil, CEO GranMalt AG.

The advantages at a glance

Reduce your investment costs for beer production without brewhouse with GranMalt granules
Because anyone who opts for GranMalt, needs no technically complex complete brewery to produce beer. So capital needs for your development are much lower, by saving the brew house, and there is less tied-up capital. Thus, the entry hurdle in a market and also the overall risk is significantly decreased compared to a traditional beer production. Also your master brewer, for instance in a chain of guest breweries, can simultaneously manage several businesses.

Optimum standardization in best quality
GranMalt stands for the innovative synergy between the traditional art of brewing and high-tech granulation processes. The perishable wort is transformed into durable granules. Thus a standardized, value added and natural raw material is available, which makes possible local beer production. And not just for the brewing industry which can, by means of licensing the patented GranMalt technology, centralize their production and increase its efficiency: optimally utilize the whole year’s brewing capacity (in the winter months) and insert the produced granules for example in the context of franchise concepts as needed around the world.

High pace of implementation
A new beer production environment requires merely a simple granule dissolving equipment and fermentation tanks. Such significantly reduced brewery complexity can erected much faster and it enables to involve abroad local process equipment suppliers. By the way GranMalt is interesting also for existing brewers: adding GranMalt into the wort kettle increases immediately the current production volume and enables simply to vary the strength or bitterness of beers.

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